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Additional HTTP sensors provide for more comprehensive website monitoring.

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You can use them, for example, to check the content of a delivered page or monitor all the processes used by your online store. Let PRTG collect the performance data of your web server and websites over a certain period of time. The incoming measurements will be saved in the high-performance database of PRTG. This makes the evaluation and analysis of data both simple and uncomplicated.

Furthermore, thanks to the graphical representation of your data, you will get a comprehensive overview of your website status. Every day. We have compiled some reviews for you. Free Download. Question 1: How can I check if the login authentication for a web page works? Find a detailed answer to this question in the following knowledge base article. Find the answer to this question in this knowledge base article. Find the answer here. Award winning solution We work hard on making our software as powerful and easy-to-use as possible for our customers each and every day.

Of course it makes us proud when we get awards for that. All websites get bulkier over time. It is often a slow process. Meanwhile, users become more and more impatient. It may be high time your website gets into shape. Here are a few examples:.

Many companies use MySQL. But is this server the best fit for your specific needs? What are the other databases that are out there? When researching database servers, be sure to also compare their load times. In some instances, your CPU is brought to its knees. This can occur when you have an online store and have just launched a marketing campaign. Be prepared by booking additional cloud space in advance.

With caching, you will ensure the files and elements of your website do not need to be reloaded each and every time a page is visited. You will therefore substantially reduce load times. With Typo3, caching is often disabled during development. Check with your developer to see if this is the case for your site. Each image should be compressed by default. Save all images in a web-friendly format. You can also delete unnecessary metadata to make your website significantly more compact.

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Thinking of going to the cloud with your IT? Here is our proven roadmap There are many questions to answer before moving your IT to the cloud, so Paessler offers a free ebook that could help you. Get your free copy of our cloud ebook now. Our website monitoring software sends you an alert whenever the performance or availability of your website takes a hit.

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You can therefore relax and concentrate on your day-to-day tasks with peace of mind. With PRTG, you get one centralized web monitoring software for monitoring your website. The dashboard provides a quick and concise overview at all times - whether on your desktop or as an app. Setting up PRTG is quick and easy. Take advantage of several different HTTP sensors. Our customers report that their PRTG licenses have paid for themselves in an average of a few weeks. The goal of this survey was to optimize and fine-tune our Network Monitoring Software to better meet the needs of administrators.

Uptime Monitoring: On our Uptime Monitoring page , we explore the fundamental issues surrounding uptime, and introduce our uptime sensors. From here, we cater to our worldwide community. Of course, we also use PRTG to monitor our own website. In this blog article , our founder Dirk Paessler describes the things which were important to us, and how we proceeded. Administrators must compare monitoring tools or search for a free one. Notify your support team when website problems are detected.

Businesses need to stay on top of their game when it comes to website uptime! Sites that have recurrent downtime can ruin reputations and cost businesses thousands or even millions of dollars. Review reports on website performance and uptime versus downtime. Check out the user friendly line graphs, pie charts of uptime versus downtime, and tables of response time data to quickly see your website performance at a glance.

After monitoring a website to establish a baseline of average response times you can compare daily reports to identify performance trends, such as certain times of the day when a site is sluggish. UptimePal is not just an uptime monitoring tool to notify you when your site goes down, but it has evolved into a proactive management solution to help predict potential bottlenecks or areas in need of improvement. Sign up now to see how easy it is to monitor your websites. Free Day Trial. UptimePal offers a free, no obligation, day trial of our website monitoring services.

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What Is Website Monitoring Software?

It is one thing to monitor your websites internally — but what if your own systems go down? UptimePal provides a high quality external synthetic website monitoring service from multiple locations around the world. What does that mean? It means that you will receive immediate alerts if issues with your site are detected from any of the geographically diverse website monitoring locations.

Do you have customers on both the east coast and the west coast? No problem. Do you receive international site visits? Take the next step and gather performance data about your website from multiple locations. Find out why you suddenly stopped receiving traffic from a certain geographic location — perhaps your site is loading slowly or possibly even timing out across networks in that area.

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