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The tourists travelling into China were never supposed to know their phones had been compromised. The surveillance app being installed on their devices should have been removed by the border officers tasked with the job. But their apparent carelessness has provided a rare insight into the techniques used by China to snoop on visitors and the kind of information being harvested from their phones.

Unlike some of the advanced technology being used by authorities in the region to surveil citizens, the app is not especially sophisticated. Before the border police can install and operate it, the user has to unlock the phone and hand it over. Analysis shows that the app harvests emails, contact numbers, SMS messages, social media account identifiers and detailed information about the handset, including unique device identifiers. This appears to provide a guide to the content the Chinese state considers suspicious, including MP3s, documents and pictures.


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The app searches the phone for files which are the same size and then generates a fingerprint for that file. Using file hashing databases the Guardian and partners were able to see what the authorities were searching for.

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You will be able to see all of the vital information like, emails, call logs, text messages that have been sending through Facebook, WhatsApp and some of the other social media platforms. You will be provided with a GPS location tracker and even take a look at the apps that are installed on the phone.

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The spying tool is also able to record the voice surrounding the device. You can even get alerts for keyword search, locations and a lot more. All of the information that is collected in this manner can be accessed from any of the devices that have internet availability. This will require onetime access to the target device. After the app is installed you will be able to view all of the activities going on the phone. The spy app is compatible with Android OS versions 4. It also works in sync with Android 8.

You can purchase their subscription in two groups. One is their basic edition that offers regular features. Then the second one is the premium package that comes with some of the advanced functions.

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The good thing is that there is no requirement for rooting in this one. The app will be able to keep track of the texts, location and call logs. This also has the capacity for monitoring the famous social media application. Then again there is also a valuable solution for parents that want to observe their children's activity. There are certain advanced features like screen capture, ambient recording, keylogger, and call recording.

The software also remains invisible to the target device. This happens as the app disappears when it is installed on the wanted device. But there is a need for access for targeting the device manually to set the program on it. The software is now compatible with the Android 8. One is the premium edition and the other Ultimate edition. In the year , FlexiSpy has also emerged as a spying tool and made it to our list of top five. It is also helpful in keeping track of the employees' activities.

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This software also allows the user to read someones text messages without their phone. You can take a look at the messenger chars, Tinder, WhatsApp and Hangouts amongst many more.

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You can also see the phone contacts, the browsing history on the internet and also take images from the feature that provides a remote camera. So, everything that will be typed can get monitored. The app is also good at ambient recording, therefore, all of the conversations that are being held can be listened to.

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It does allow location tracking on the map by indicating on the map. There is also an option for recording VOIP calls as well. Please keep in mind that it does need rooting the device so that you can access all of the features of FlexiSpy. There is a Premium and Extreme package that you can choose to get the license for this application use. Again this one is towards the expensive side.

Another good app that will be able to help with safeguarding your kids and also business usage is MobiStealth. This app lets you see the browsing history, saved photos, and videos. Additionally, you will also be able to record the calls and get the information on the device location. This can be achieved even at times when GPS feature is switched off. They also have live support where in case of any issues that you might be having, you can go for instant chat.

The app is also tamper-proof. This means that it will be running at all times in the target device background. All of the calendar entries can be accessed, text messages can be seen and also the devices that are installed can be viewed. One of the downsides of this specific app is that the official website is not giving proper information on the specific Android operating system that it's able to support.

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Also, one cannot say it the Android device that will be compatible with the tool.