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Like ALL members of the grand jury, unless he perjured himself or trampled on a witness's rights, Trussell has complete immunity according to Florida Supreme Court rules, and the all judges and State Attorneys know about this immunity. Trussell is now under false charges by Willie Meggs for 14 felony counts totaling 70 years in prison if convicted on all counts.

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He followed every law and statute that applied to him doing his job as foreman of the Grand Jury. In return, he has been targeted by a concerted effort of malicious prosecution to cover up the corruption that the People have found in their public servants.

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  • Tallahassee?
  • Therefore, no state official can effectively investigate these issues because Scott is the highest ranking officer in the government of our State. This means no existing state attorney nor Inspector General, or any other officer can impartially investigate these issues. Instead they all have a conflict of interest and must therefore recuse themselves.

    There is only one independent grand jury which can and will investigate these issues, the statewide Unified People's Grand Jury in Florida. This is a Grand Jury that is completely compatible with US Supreme Court decisions as well as both the Florida and the US Constitutions while at the same time being completely independent of government manipulation. Page 8 of 12 One reason why Florida is ranked so poorly is because the government has unconstitutionally taken over complete control of the grand jury system.

    State Attorneys select the jurors they want, only give them the evidence they want them to see, and tell the jurors they can only judge the facts, not the law. This is how overzealous prosecutors unconstitutionally and illegally convicts innocent people of victimless offenses, which by definition are not crimes. Our Founders designed our system so that juries are to be completely independent, acting as a sword and a shield for the People to keep our public officials centered under our Constitutions. No authority has ever been delegated to any branch of the Florida Government to impanel or control our grand jury.

    Even more clearly, there are no laws, statutes, or rules prohibiting the People from forming their own grand juries to investigate any public body, if for no other reason to assure there is no corruption. Instead, it has been a powerfully retained by the People.


    Both the First and Fifth Amendments to our US Constitution, the Supreme Law of our Land, protect the people's right to impanel and run their grand jury any time and place they want to. This particular device Stingray is used by law enforcement. Just like the initial use of cell phone spying software was only used by law enforcement there are now other manufacturers devices similar to the Stingray and it is not used only by law enforcement. You can protect your cell phone privacy.

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    • A cell phone can be stopped from tracking if it is placed in a Faraday Cage. A Faraday cage is a metal or conductive envelope that completely surrounds the electronic device and stops signals from going into or out of the cage. This can be accomplished by making a pouch out of a metallized ie conductive fabric.

      Search youtube for detracktor for a demonstration. Perhaps they are getting another one. Would it not be useful to describe what they do in order to inform the reader of their significance? I've read half the article and still no description of their function. About all we know is that they are cell tower simulators. They act as a cell tower, sending a signal that masquerades as a "closer" cell tower than the one already in the area.

      It's simply a legalized instance of the classic "man in the middle" attack on security. As lay people let us look at the most probable way that they do work. Hints and suggestions given by law enforcement.

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      The most probable way that stingray works is simple voice recognition. For this discussion it is important to note a difference between voice recognition and interpretation. An example. SIRI is learning to recognise your voice and interpret what you say. The second one is by far the hardest. The first one not so much in fact the first one is done by the phone while the second one is done at a server level.

      That is why SIRI does not work without internet. That is the recognition. SIRI does not recognize your voice. If you tell your SIRI to call home and it calls your Grandma that is an example of misinterpretation of a recognized voice. To put stingray simply, from a voice print of a suspect and a known geographical area the suspect "hangs out" in the police can easily find, record, and track that suspect.

      It also gives the police and easy way to say "we keep nothing that is not part of the surveillance". Stingray discards all voices that do not match the suspects.

      Burner phones, borrowed phones, etc do not matter. As long as the suspect uses a cell phone and the cell call goes through stingray it will identify the suspect by their voice print. Stingray will record the suspects phone number, IMEI number, the phone numbers they call, and the frequency of calls. The more you talk the more accurate stingray gets. Stingray probably does zero interpretation though. Why does law enforcement not want to divulge this? When you have your fingerprints taken you know it. When you have your DNA taken you know it. When you get your picture taken for identification purposes you know it.

      If law enforcement has the ability to take reliable identification of you and you don't know about it, they have power. No, you are way off the mark. The Stingray, and other cell site simulators do not analyze your voice.

      Here's how it works, in a nutshell Law enforcement asks a judge to sign a subpoena which forces the cellular provider to give information to law enforcement. The three pieces of information provided which are relevant to the Stingray are: 1 What is the subscriber number?

      2 arrested for allegedly stealing cell phones at ‘Life in Color’ festival in Wynwood

      Once law enforcement has those three pieces of info, they drive to the location near the cell tower and type the serial number and subscriber number into the Stingray device. The device then searches for that cell phone. If located, it will do two things: 1 It forces the cell phone to switch to the cell site simulator, as if the Stingray was a real cell tower.

      When the officer arrives near the cell phone, he can then use a handheld device Kingfish to walk around and do the same thing that the car-mounted Stingray does.


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      Know your rights. For almost years, the ACLU has worked to defend and preserve the individual rights and liberties guaranteed by the Constitution and laws of the United States. Free Future. Facebook Twitter Reddit Email Print. Technology Hidden From the Courts In many of the investigations, police never sought a court order authorizing Stingray use. Excessive Secrecy Persists Below we detail our findings about Stingray use in other departments across the state, including records showing hundreds of thousands of dollars in expenditures and information on the number of cases in which they have been used.

      Unanswered Questions Not a single department produced any policies or guidelines governing use of Stingrays or restricting how and when they could be deployed, suggesting a lack of internal oversight. Details on Stingray Use by Departments Across Florida Records from elsewhere in Florida show how use of the technology and secrecy about it has proliferated. The Miami-Dade PD also stated that it had used Stingrays in 59 closed criminal cases within a one-year period ending in May The total number of investigations where the agency used Stingrays is surely larger, since that figure does not include cases that were still active at the time of its response.

      The department has a troubling history when it comes to Stingrays: according to a document available on the internet but not among the records produced to the ACLU, the Miami-Dade PD first purchased a cell site simulator in in order to surveil protesters at a Free Trade of the Americas Agreement conference.

      The Pensacola Police Department identified five cases where it used Stingrays and provided investigative files for each of them; none of the files mention or describe Stingray use. Nothing in the files actually describes Stingray use.

      Discover more about private investigators capability, employment and regulations in Tallahassee.

      They are analog, outdated, of no value, and not used. Our agency has elected not to upgrade them due to the cost and frequency. See the documents released by the FDLE for the full list. View comments Read the Terms of Use. More information about text formats.