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With LocationOf you can view the location of one or more mobile devices live from your desktop computer, or, within the mobile application itself. A mobile phone or tablet calculates it's location by receiving radio signals from GPS satellites in space.

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  4. You can then view these recorded locations from your desktop computer, laptop, tablet or mobile device at your personal LocationOf. Please note that in order for GPS tracking to work the LocationOf app and the device must be actively on and be connected to a network. Download App.

    Other apps like Cerberus usually charge for this functionality, but for the rest of us cheapskates, this is a great alternative. Before you can get the app working, you will need to activate it as a Device administrator.

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    After that, you will be free to set up your PIN and Keyword. The PIN must be all numbers, and the keyword can be a combination of letters and numbers. Now, to get your device's location sent to another phone, you will have to send an SMS to the device's phone number with only the keyword and pin.

    If you are the overprotective type, you can set up which numbers have access to SMSLocator. To do that, enable Restrict phone numbers , then tap Set Phone Numbers.

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    From there you can add as many numbers as you want. Once set up, only numbers that are on that list will be able to receive your device's location. To actually get your device's location, send an SMS text message to the device's phone number with only the keyword and PIN.